Words Create Worlds I write compelling copy & create digital marketing campaigns that move and inspire the right people to take the right action, right on time. The result? Loyal customers who love your brand, and a healthy bottom line.

Words Create:

Why do some people and companies go viral in a way that changes the landscape of their industries forever, and others languish in virtual anonymity?

From my years as an award-winning journalist, to my time as a marketing and communications executive, to my most recent adventures as a small business owner and personal brand entrepreneur, I’ve studied inspiring personalities and stand-out companies to find out what makes the difference between greatness and mediocrity.

Ultimately, what I’ve found is that those who have the courage and ability to tell their stories with authenticity, vulnerability and empathy, are the ones who build the long-term, genuine connections with others that create iconic brands.

I am passionate about helping clients reach their optimum potential through vibrant, meaningful, fully expressed copy and strategic marketing campaigns.


My passion is helping people live healthy, happy lives. I especially love health, fitness, lifestyle brands, and complimentary & alternative medicine. Portfolio viewing tips: Click through each tile to see full project details. Click “Show More,” to keep loading awesome content!

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I’ve created marketing, public relations, branding, and events for these outstanding organizations. I have worked full time as a marketing and communications executive, as a freelance consultant, and have launched, branded and run several of my own companies.

Once a journalist, always a storyteller. My fascination makes my clients fascinating.

Journalism | Editorial

I am an award-winning journalist. I worked for more than a decade as a writer and investigative reporter at The Denver Post. My stories consistently led the paper’s front page. I regularly appeared on local television news programs. As a wellness entrepreneur, I have published and been featured in stories and programming for major lifestyle media.

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