My Story:

I’ve fueled careers in journalism, marketing, corporate communications, and fitness entrepreneurship with my passion for great storytelling, and my belief that everyone – and every business – deserves a powerful platform for sharing their unique expression.

This page is about who I am, why I do what I do, and how to connect with me. If you want the nitty-gritty on what I can do for you, visit my Services page.

Marsha Austin
Award Winning Writer | Content Marketing, PR and Branding Expert

I am an insatiably curious and passionately driven champion of the human story. I’m fascinated by our shared quest to create meaning, value and connection in our world, and how to make it happen. I’m an innovator, entrepreneur, and visionary who thrives on exploring wide open possibility. I’m gifted at zeroing in on the amazing, authentic truth of who you really are, whether you’re a solo start up artist or a large, multi-national corporation.

I believe that full, creative expression is the purest path to fulfillment. And that well-being and the experience of limitless potential  are at the heart of this experience. This deep knowing is the common driving force behind all my endeavors. I’ve delighted in the unfolding. And now I’m offering you the fruits of my journey so far…

I spent more than a decade as an award-winning health and investigative journalist. My groundbreaking stories for the Denver Post helped her readers astutely navigate a system where the stakes are life and death. My reporting illuminated opportunities for substantive change, ultimately forcing institutional change throughout government and private industry, and empowering many to lead healthier, happier lives. I have appeared regularly on Denver’s NBC 9News and Rocky Mountain PBS stations.

I went on to become a marketing and PR executive, leading public relations and corporate communications for a large, then publicly-traded, national health care company. During my tenure I substantially increased national and local media coverage and positive brand awareness among key target audiences, provided media training and support to executive leadership and on-air personalities within the company, successfully implemented social media and content strategy and became expert at producing measurable ROI on campaigns. Basically, I love data and trends, and I thrived as a marketing geek.

My creative pairing of digital and emerging communications channels, including pioneering the use of videography and social media in corporate storytelling, with more traditional marketing and sales support methods, helped generate thriving sales teams that surpassed their revenue goals time and time again. Yes, I get excited about making money for worthy causes. I am also a seasoned event planner, program developer, speaker and trade show veteran. I’ve not only worked for corporate health companies like HealthGrades on this front, but also lifestyle brands such as Hanuman Yoga Festival, Yoga Rocks the Park and Baptiste Yoga. I even ghost authored a consumer guidebook that was published by Barnes and Noble.

I also know what it’s like to be an investor and owner who has bet it all on a dream, and need my marketing strategy to succeed. I parlayed my passion for health, wellness and entrepreneurship into founding a yoga studio and lifestyle programs company in one of the new age world’s most competitive markets: Boulder, CO. I built my own brands on a shoe-string budget, from scratch, using all of the culture creation, team building, marketing, event planning and PR strategies I’ve developed over the years. Telling my own story as a small business owner was an eye-opening journey that has been both massively rewarding and tremendously challenging. As I’ve worked tirelessly to communicate my own vision, create a community of loyal customers, inspire and motivate them to stay engaged, and ultimately attempted to cause a movement, not just operate a bricks and mortar fitness business, I learned in the trenches what works and what doesn’t. I got an intimate and telling psychological picture of what truly motivates and engages, and what causes customers to fall away and sales to sag.

Now I am packaging all my wisdom to deliver to you exceptional content and marketing strategy. I am here to help you do more of what you love, by doing more of what I love!

Now it’s time to tell me more about you…