My Story:

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Shannon Harrison
Writer | Editor

Shannon Harrison is a therapist and writer. After graduating with a degree in Creative Writing from UCLA, she began as a writer for the TV industry then landed in Chicago writing history material for Encyclopedia Britannica. In Chicago, she was introduced to people and organizations doing deep level transformational work and was hooked. Although she continued to use her skills in a variety of industries from real estate to job contracts, her deep love of supporting others in finding their voice and expressing themselves fully eventually drove her career choices.

In 2005, Shannon began teaching writing to children in public school, encouraging them to speak from the heart, tell their truth and take risks as well as use descriptive and powerful language. Because of her depth of knowledge and experience with personal transformation, she was then hired by an organization that causes transformational shifts in corporate culture to write the content of their coaching materials and marketing/web materials. She is the co-author of the book The Sweet Spot: Leveraging Your Talents in Leadership and Life. Currently, Shannon is in private practice as a therapist as well as a writer in the areas that align with areas that she is passionate about…letting go of the energetic ties that keep us down, personal evolution, and true self-expression.