Content Marketing: The Power of Getting Vulnerable

I’ve been wondering a lot lately about how to break through the very human tendency to want to polish up our stories to look good, and to sand off the rough edges to avoid looking bad or making a mistake.

Why do we continue to do this as content marketers and clients of content marketers, even though there’s overwhelming evidence that says raw, real and flawed generates wildly more engagement and connects us to our “target audience” in a genuine way that builds trust, and ultimately loyal fans?

As one of my favorite peeps in the human transformational space, Brene Brown has found time and time again in her research, vulnerability creates connection.

It’s my intention, that Marsha Austin Media be a test ground of vulnerability, authenticity and curiosity. We’re here to push our clients out of the nest and watch them – sometimes to their amazement – fly.

That’s why we’re re-committing to taking our own advice and embarking a new test program. We’re about to put ourselves out there across all sorts of digital media in ways that thrill, excite, and, yes, scare us! We’ll be getting messy as we tell our story and try out a plethora of new marketing tools and mediums so that we can better serve you.

Stay tuned for dispatches from the field on what we learn along the way!