How to Get Through Writer’s Block

So, you’ve sat down to write your next great blog, you open the document, and you just feel stuck staring at the blank page. Now what? How do you get through writer’s block so that you can actually get to writing? I’ve been there, which is why I’m sharing some of my best tips for getting through writer’s block here! 

Ideas for Blogs

How many times have you sat down and tried to write a blog that you didn’t even know the topic of? How many times have you sat down to write a blog without a topic in mind? Before I even open a blank blogging document, the first thing I do is pick a topic. Sometimes content ideas just make sense and are related to something else going on in the business or the world, and sometimes I have to decide which piece of my expertise I want to share in the blog. 

A good way to think of content ideas is to identify if you’ve been posting, talking, or thinking about any trends or topics lately. If your mind has been consumed by providing a great client experience lately, this may be a great blog topic to write! Otherwise, here are some general content ideas to get you started if you’re stuck:

  • 5 biggest myths about your industry 
  • 10 tips related to something in your niche
  • 6 biggest mistakes your target audience makes with regard to their goal 
  • 8 ways for your target audience to get what they want most
  • How to tackle this trending industry issue
  • How to know if your service is right for your target audience

Set up a Blog Structure First

The first thing I do when setting up a blog that I already have a subject for is to set up a structure. I write the title and intro paragraph, list out the keywords I want to focus on, then jot down the subheadingsthat I want to include to guide my writing. This helps to get through writer’s block by focusing on one specific section rather than thinking about the blog topic as a whole. 

Then, I go through each section and add whatever comes to mind under that topic. It doesn’t have to be perfect yet, think of this part like writing a rough draft or an outline of your ideas. After that’s done and I’ve made sure that the topic makes sense and my sub-topics are in a logical order, then I go through and finish writing the content. 

How to Find Inspiration for Blogs

A great way to get through writer’s block is to focus on finding inspiration for your next blog. An easy way to do this is to visit blogs of other brands in your niche (be careful not to plagiarize, just look for content ideas), or their social media pages. If you find a topic that really sparks your interest, that you have a strong opinion about, or that you think would be helpful for your audience, then you’ve just found your next blog topic! 

Inspiration comes in many forms, and sometimes when we’re having writer’s block it’s best to just focus on something else until inspiration strikes. But, in order to make this other focus productive and inspiring, I recommend checking a visual task off your list. Do you have to create graphics for your social media posts or choose which photos to share that week? Allow these visual elements to give you inspiration for your next blog topic.

Blog Keywords and Keyword Tools

Keywords are an important part of blogging. If you’re stuck on coming up with a specific topic within your niche, it may be beneficial to start by identifying commonly searched keywords and then basing your blog off of those. Also, once you’ve identified a blog topic, it’s important to make sure that you find relevant keywords to focus on using throughout your blog.

Finding keywords doesn’t have to be difficult guess work when you use the right tools, like Frase. Another place to find specific keyword-related blogging ideas is on Answer the Public – this free tool allows you to type in a topic and immediately see the most commonly searched questions related to that topic. 

If you want to know more about the nitty gritty of using keywords in blogs, check out this post where we break down keywords and website SEO ranking in detail. 
If your writer’s block is still leaving you stuck and overwhelmed, reach out to schedule a meeting at this link. We’d love to help!