Hanuman Yoga Festival

Public Relations | Media

I led Public Relations for the Hanuman Yoga Festival, promoting the Boulder-based event to local and national media. The focus of my campaigns was on elevating the festival in it’s earlier years to the level of more widely known festivals such as Wanderlust and the Yoga Journal conferences. I helped Hanuman distinguish itself by drawing attention to it’s stellar line up of world-class instructors, offered in an intimate setting with a focus on the true spirit of the practice, and less on the party.

I also helped the festival spin attention away from a previous year’s indecent with a “port-a-potty” peeper, and re-set new coverage and attention on the large, positive impact the festival has on it’s local community, students from all over the nation, and on the growing popularity of yoga tourism and mindful travel and entertainment.

One popular story angle was looking at how Gen-X’ers who make music festivals such as Bonnaroo and Lilleth Fair popular, have shifted into more mellow and family friendly festival experiences like Hanuman and Wanderlust as they’ve aged. It’s a huge business opportunity for savvy event producers.