Radiance Power Yoga Holiday Campaign

The winter holidays are a critical time for most retail and service industry businesses. Sales can make or break a year’s revenue. For Radiance Power Yoga, a boutique hot yoga studio in Boulder, CO, the months between November and March are critical to the bottom line. Holiday campaign planning starts in June, and is a golden opportunity to generate energy, buzz, new customers and extra sales.

I created annual holiday sales campaigns for Radiance Power Yoga studio featuring popular gift cards, for easy gift giving that also functioned as a referral program. And I used weekly social media deals to keep customers engaged from Black Friday through New Year’s, while giving the studio quick bursts of extra revenue right before year’s end.

We tied it all together by prominently featuring the new messaging and graphics a the top of our website in it’s slider banner, with clickable promotion boxes throughout the site and on our product checkout page, in email campaigns and social media organic and paid advertising (Facebook and Instagram).

I targeted copywriting to what we knew were the primary core wants of our target audience: sweat (fitness, a strong body, physical, hot yoga workout), community (a friendly atmosphere and the opportunity to make like-minded friends), and love (what we all really want most, and a nod to the spiritual aspect of yoga). We also played off of the theme of generosity and giving meaningful, experience based gifts to loved ones and friends.

My Project Included:

  • Holiday Sales Campaign Creation
  • Creative
  • Copywriting
  • Design Consultation
  • Web Banners & Advertising
  • Social Media Banners & Advertising
  • Email Marketing
  • Display Marketing (Posters and Gift Card Holders)
  • Gift Card Design