How to Make Instagram Reels that Get Noticed

It’s no secret that Instagram’s latest feature, Reels, has taken the app by storm. Everyone from young, dancing teenagers to established professionals have embraced reels with open arms as their newest marketing tool (and naturally, there are plenty of skeptics out there too). 

While there are lots of people embracing Reels with open arms, not everyone is doing such a great job of portraying themselves or their business through the new feature. We’ve consumed our fair share of content, both good and bad, and now we’re here to bring you our best tips and ideas to help you level up your Reels game!

What is Instagram Reels?

First, what exactly is Reels, and should you be using it? Reels is Instagram’s newest feature – some critics have claimed that it’s too similar to TikTok, and even though it’s also built for sharing short-form videos, it does have its own unique characteristics that set it apart from the viral video app. Reels has its own page right within Instagram – think of it like the Instagram feed you know and love, just with short-form video content instead of images and (thankfully) a proprietary algorithm. 

How to Find Instagram Reels

To clarify, posting a video as you regularly would doesn’t turn it into a Reel – to access Reels, swipe over to where you would go to post a story, and click the button that says “Reels.” 

Should You Use Instagram Reels for Business Marketing?

Now, should you be using Reels for your business? In short – YES! But, don’t use it just to use it, you want to make sure you’re going in with a strategy and understanding the basics of a successful Reel. Here are some tips to get you started producing great Reels content for your brand or business: 

  • Keep the video entertaining all the way through (and no, you don’t have to dance or try to master difficult transitions for it to be entertaining).
  • Provide value – we say this every time we talk about content marketing, but that’s because it works!! 
  • Show some personality (but make sure it’s yours) – it’s easy to get on camera and lose sight of yourself, make sure you’re being authentically you in your videos so you can attract an audience that likes YOU! 
  • Don’t forget the technical stuff – keep your text within the bounds of the feed preview, use a trending song if you have the music feature, add a caption and hashtags, and be sure to preview the Reel on your feed.

These tips are a great place to start when it comes to mastering Reels and producing viral content! But wait… isn’t it really hard to go viral on Instagram? How is this different? 

The Instagram Reels Algorithm

We mentioned above that Instagram Reels has its own algorithm that is separate from the rest of Instagram (this is nothing new, Stories also has a different algorithm than the home feed), and the main focus of the Reels algorithm is virality. Instagram wants to show your content to people who don’t follow you, people who may be interested in it. Here’s a breakdown of how it works: when you produce great Reels that your audience interacts with, Instagram knows that this content is worth sending out to people beyond your audience, and so it will display your videos in the Reels feeds of people who don’t already follow you. When those people interact, Instagram continues to share your Reels with more and more people, thus exponentially increasing your reach and viral potential. 

Is Reels Just for Teenagers?

You might be thinking… Isn’t this whole short-form video craze for teenagers? Why do I need to get involved? Here’s the truth, this short-form video craze is for everyone, and whether we like it or not, this is the future of social marketing. Therefore, it’s best to get involved while it’s still new so that you can master it before anyone else and compete for views in a less saturated market. 

So, how are you feeling about Instagram Reels? Ready to give it a try? If you need a little extra guidance, get in touch with us to schedule a free consultation