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Top Tips for Fitness Business Owners

Punchpass offers small, boutique gyms, group fitness instructors, yoga, pilates, martial arts and dance studios a software management tool for offering classes, selling memberships, and tracking customer and instructor performance. Pass the Punch is a corporate blog offering boutique fitness owners insider information from the industry’s top experts on how to build a successful group fitness studio.

Punchpass’s executive team wanted to use the blog to boost website traffic, build trust with new and existing customers by showcasing expert business advice, increase user time on site, and generate more qualified leads.

I curated a group of fitness business experts, combining their industry leading advice with my own experience to write weekly stories Punchpass’s audience can use to boost their small businesses.

I also create ad content for, and create and manage paid social media advertising for Punchpass. Using a mix of video, carousel, lead form, webinar and static ads, I’m driving both brand new customers and reclaiming those customers who’ve engaged with Punchpass but not purchased into the company’s sales funnel.

I work to boost brand awareness and lead generation for Punchpass by distributing the blog, lead-magnet and other gated content through email and social media channels to engage customers and generate referrals. I set up an email automation for lead nurturing and conversion.

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My project includes

  • Weekly Blog Posts
  • Gated Content (e-books, industry reports, case studies, client testimonials)
  • Email Marketing & Automations
  • Social Media Advertising