Radiance “Why” Branding & Corporate Culture/Training Campaign

Creating a movement, not just a business

Radiance operated in one of the most competitive yoga markets in the world, with studios on every corner and every gym, climbing gym, fitness club and apartment building. Free yoga was everywhere, in retail stores, parks, community centers. So I knew that it was imperative that Radiance distinguish itself, not just on it’s product offerings, but in the customer experience. The studio had to communicate a distict “why” for it’s existence and be able to clearly communicate what it stood for and what it was committed to generating for it’s customers in every action from the minute a customer walked in the door to the minute they left. The goal was to create a loyal following, a movement of like-minded people committed to personal transformation, and share that virally. The results can be seen in the reviews.

The campaign included:

  • Wall Art (Large 6 x 4 foot Lobby Art & Smaller 3 x 2 Locker Room Art)
  • Employee Handbook, Customer Handbook, Business Cards with Call to Action
  • Web Landing Page
  • Sales Call Scripts & Strategy
  • Social Media
  • Email
  • Refrigerator Magnets/Countertop Display

There were two versions of the booklet: One for Employees and one for Students. Note: the booklet for customers utilized the same design but didn’t include the pages on sales and teaching “how-to’s.”

The sample pages at right are just a few from the full booklets. The employee manual is a 20 page booklet, the new student welcome booklet was about half that length.

My Project Included:

  • Copywriting
  • Design/Art Direction
  • Leadership/Employee Training
  • Marketing
  • Sales Support