HealthGrades Guide to America’s Hospitals & Doctors Book Project

Ghostwriting Project

HealthGrades published a guidebook featuring clinical quality ratings of hospitals and doctors as part of a marketing campaign to raise consumer awareness about variations in clinical quality. The book was designed to function like other trusted quality guides such as America’s Best Colleges. The book was featured in Barnes & Noble stores, and are large bookstores nationwide.

I worked with the book author Dr. Samantha Collier to write the content for the text portions of this national guidebook, and with the editors of the publishing company. I oversaw the IT teams at HealthGrades to utilize a national database of hospital and physician quality indicators to create the ratings and rankings in the book. I also created call scripts for, and managed a team of customer service representatives who reached out to hospitals and doctors to verify data.

My Project Included:

  • Ghostwriting Content
  • Data Management to Identify Top Hospital Ratings